PET passports are issued for the purpose of taking your pet abroad into the EU. Some non-EU countries also insist on this document.

The procedure for application is very simple:  your pet must have a microchip inserted, then a Rabies inoculation once it is 12 weeks of age or older, following which the Passport can be issued. Your pet may not travel until 21 days after the Rabies inoculation however.


On your return to the UK you are compelled to visit a vet in the EU and have your pet dewormed with a particular medication which must be signed into your pet’s passport.This treatment must be carried out between 24 and 120 hours (no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 120 hours) before you embark for the UK. If you are taking your pet out of the UK on a day trip you will need to get this treatment done in the UK in the 24 to 120 hour period before your return journey starts.


These requirements can change so we recommend you check the DEFRA website for up to date information. This may also apply if you are crossing borders within the PETS Passport zone of Europe. Each individual country’s requirements must be checked prior to entry into that country.


Finally, the welfare of your pet is paramount. Please consider carefully the conditions that your pet will encounter on a trip abroad (long car journeys, hot temperatures, being left on its own in a strange house/hotel etc) before deciding whether it is in the best interest of the animal to join you on your holiday. Your pet may be exposed to diseases that do not normally occur in Great Britain. It will have no natural immunity to such diseases and may therefore be more likely to succumb to them. We strongly recommend that you start tick and flea treatment before you leave the UK and question local vets in the area you are visiting what health precautions they advise.


Due to the risk of exposure to heartworm and disease carrying ticks in hotter countries it is recommended you perform preventative treatment 1 month prior to leaving UK up to 2 months after your return. Products for ticks and fleas and heartworm prevention are recommended.


Please note that your pet insurance policy may not be valid outside the UK. Check with your insurance company before leaving. You may need to take out separate temporary insurance cover

Please note: all information is correct at time of printing but it is the pet-owner’s responsibility to check for the latest information and requirements: