NATURAL INSTINCT: Raw and Natural Pet Food


Do you want to feed your pet a natural diet but one that is convenient and requires no preparation?

When you open a packet of dried pet food does the odour repel you and make you wonder what goes into that food?

Do you want to pick up nice, hard poos on a daily basis instead of soft, unformed, smeary yuck?

Would you want to eat a diet consisting entirely of preserved foods?

If you answered Yes! Yes! Yes! No! then we have an answer for you!

Natural Instinct is a natural raw diet, completely balanced to provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs, leaving you with the safe knowledge that what you are feeding is right and the best for your pet.

We have already discovered the benefits in several patients with regular tummy problems on preserved diets.

Welton Vet is a supplier of these diets as we believe they are the best and we feed it to our own pets. If you wish to know more please contact us or pick up a leaflet in the Clinic. Alternatively go to Natural Instinct