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Insuring your pet against disease and tragedy is vital. Although it may seem an unnecessary expense it could soon prove worthwhile, as there is no guarantee problems will not occur.

 Hopefully, your pet will never require the safety-net of insurance, but medication, diagnostics and corrective surgery are becoming more versatile and specialised and costs can escalate alarmingly.

 Sadly, there is no NHS for our pets and, tragically, some have to be put to sleep because finances cannot stretch to the required amount. It is very distressing but costs have to be met, and it is so simple to prevent such heartbreak. If you find veterinary fees excessive you should be insured.

 So for your pet’s sake, and your peace of mind, please seriously consider insurance. There are a number of reputable firms, which can provide excellent cover for minimum cost, and we are happy to provide a few leaflets for your information.

As a guide we would recommend a minimum £2500 per condition per annum Lifetime cover . Some policies will cover a specific condition for 12 months and then you are no longer covered for that condition. Lifetime cover means your pet is covered for life.